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Personal & Couples Energy Cleansing & Healing Sessions

People have asked me how I do it. I explain to them that I do not.  It is the light and love energy pouring through me and their own desire to be healed that does the work. My deep desire to help others heal and grow to reach their highest potential is the true force that drew me to study with healers and spiritual teachers that could teach me to work with my own gifts of light and love. Now I want to share these gifts with you. 

1 – Hour Personal Healing Session

1 – Hour Couples Healing Session

Mind – Body – Spirit DVD

We have created this 4-disc set because it is the goal of the Cosmic Mysteries School to help people learn to how to shift their energy vibrations to a higher level.  As we moved closer to 2012, the energy fields of each individual person needed to change with it.  These changes lead to greater connection with our universe and our own personal connection to the planet and is still equally useful knowledge that can be applied today!

Rejuvenation Secrets

You will be as excited and amazed as I was when I first learned to do these simple exercises. I’ve done these exercises for 10 minutes a day for 10 years now and everyone thinks I look at least 10 years younger, sometimes more! You will discover many amazing advantages after starting the exercises featured in this DVD & Workbook combo. Clients have found they have improved health, concentration, a greater amount of energy and a younger appearance. These exercises are ancient and have been used for thousands of years.  Isn’t it wonderful that we get to benefit from them without having to travel to a foreign land or spend years in study before they are shared with us!

Medicine Shield Workshop

You will find that through this course you will be able to create you own personal Medicine Shield that will be meaningful and powerful to you. Medicine Shield teachings have been passed down through generations of Native Amercian Healers and Warriors. Iit is a personal shield that declares the owner’s sacred intentions and ‘Medicine’ or inherent power. Making your own medicine shield can be a valuable lesson in Shamanic understanding because it can help you recognize your own ‘medicine’ pwer and how also to express it. It can also be a means of making contact with your Higher Self for the purpose of bringing your dreams or the intentions of the soul into material reality thereby fulfilling the soul’s purpose. I know you will find the Medicine Shield Workshop to be a great benefit to you.

  • Benefits gained form creating a Medicine Shield:
  • Identifying Life Path
  • Finding Your Power Source
  • Finding DIrection In Your Life
  • Putting Your Goals into Form
  • Determining the elements that make up your path
  • Revealing Your Soles Intentions
  • Discovering What Brings You Joy
  • Remembering Why You Are Really On This Earth Journey
  • Expressing Your Power

Cutting the Cords Workshop

People are stuck in the past and it’s crippling them in the present. They are not free to live fully in the present moment. Instead they are reliving over and over again the same life, the same experiences that occurred in the past. How often do you hear yourself or someone you kno wsaying, ” I wish that had never happened to me” long after the actual event has taken place? It takes a lot of mental energy to keep these events and people firmly planted in your mind. Now imagine what it would feel like if you were no longer burdened with them, you would have energy to burn! Most people are not really alive in the present moment. You cant be alive in the past that’s already over or the future you have yet to live. Cut the cords that hold you back and join us in the present!

Gain the following benefits from this workshop:

  • A More Joyful Life
  • Increased Energy
  • Better Relationships
  • Removal of Unwanted Baggage
  • Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships
  • Being more alive in the present moment.
  • Letting Go of the past
  • Improved Mental Health

Connecting with the Living Masters  in the



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