Mayan Teachings

Mayan Solar Education – Three Volume Set

The Cosmic Mysteries School is honored to present a three volume edition of Hunbatz Men’s Oral Teachings put together at his request. Each volume contains different oral teachings and exists no where else.

Teachings on the Mayan Heiroglyphics of Kabah

Join Hunbatz Men and the Cosmic Mystery School at the pyramid site of Kabah, Yucatan, Mexico.  Solar Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men instructs the Cosmic Mysteries School and interprets the intact heiroglyphics at the pyramid site of Kabah for us, explaining how this pyramid site was used by the Maya Priests in ancient times.

Teachings on the Mayan Calendar

Teachings on the Mayan Calendar is a 3-Disc DVD set that includes different lessons on the Mayan Solar Calendar from Mayan Solar Elder, Hunbatz Men. Learn how to tell time as the Mayans did thousands of years ago.

The 8 Calendars of the Maya by Hunbatz Men

Learn how to tell time as the Mayans did thousand of years ago! Let your consciousness be raised as you start to relate to the world with the Mayan feeling of time. In the Pleiadian Cycle and the Key of Destiny Mayan elder and daykeeper, Hunbatz Men, shows the cosmological understanding of his ancestors and how sophisticated they were.

In the 8 Calendars of the Maya, Hunabtz Men reveals the Tze’eb, or Pleiades, Calendar of 26,000 years which charts the revolution of our solar system around Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades system. The book also reveals the wisdom of the multi-calendar Mayan system and how it can help guide our modern world.

Mayan Secrets of Happiness

 You can regain your energy and childlike exuberance once again and you can do it in just five minutes. It’s true! Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men shares the secrets of the Ancient Mayans to stay happy in your daily life. You can regain your energy and happiness through an incredibly simple and easy to follow DVD meditation training course that will guide you to release your stress and enter into an energized state of happiness!

Copy of the Mayan Codex of Wenkal & DVD

Hunbatz Men was gifted the copy of a Mayan codex and this is your opportunity to own a printed copy for yourself to study and learn from! Your purchase includes a copy of all 26 pages of the Codex and Hunbatz Men’s interpretation of the meaning of the glyphs on the Mayan Codex on a DVD recorded by the Cosmic Mysteries School.

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