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 Send an email to to attend in person for the live event or for a link to join us on Zoom!

Join Our Free Live Healing Event! Saturday, April 22, 2023, in Person or by Zoom!

Our Cosmos is timeless and limitless!  There are no boundaries to prevent us from
sending and receiving healing energy across time and space!

Now you have an exciting opportunity to experience Healing with the Cosmic Mysteries School
during our Free Healing Event with Daniel J Cardona, MD and Patricia Morris Cardona, APRN, BC!

Shamanic Healer Patricia Morris Cardona, APRN, BC has been helping individuals and
groups heal by removing blocks from their bodies, minds and spirits for over 30 years.
She has helped individuals free themselves from precancerous skin lesions, back injuries and
pain, reduce tumors and remain pain free during radiation therapy, regain speech and function
after a stroke, relieve shoulder and neck pain, release limiting mental beliefs stopping success,
release suffering after a great loss, the list goes on and on. 

The Star Beings and Ascended Master’s that work with Patricia have developed her healing powers through her connection with them.  The transmission they send through Patricia brings in cleansing and healing energy designed perfectly for each individual and their healing needs.

Daniel Cardona, MD had been studying the warrior arts, integrative medicine, nutritional interventions and energy healing for 30 years.  He helps individuals daily healing their minds and bodies!

Join us Saturday April 22 at 1 PM EST and focus on receiving healing!
You can attend this healing event for free by responding to this email asking to attend our
live healing at the Cosmic Mysteries School or ask for the Zoom Link to attend this one-hour long healing event in your home! Patricia and Dan will be working with some individuals during the healing event and sending group healing energy to all that attend!

We only have space for 20 people to be in the classroom LIVE at the Cosmic
Mysteries School so let us know right away so we can reserve a space for you!
The address of the Cosmic Mysteries School to attend the live event is:
6116 Cabin Creek East Dr, Cold Spring, Kentucky 41076.

Invite your friends to join us too!  Tell them they can request the link to join the event by
sending an email to:

The email should say: I WANT TO ATTEND in person, or I Want to Attend by Zoom!

Private individual healings are also available and can be purchased on our website   click on the Healing and Wellness link!

In the Service of Love and Light!
Patricia Morris Cardona, APRN, BC
and Daniel Cardona, MD

Unity of Garden Park - 3581 W. Galbraith Rd. Cincinnati OH 45239

This Saturday, 11/5/23, from 10-5 PM EST, the Cosmic Mysteries School will be in Cincinnati at
the Harmonious Healing Event! Clink on the link to learn more about it! All of those organizing
this event and participating in it are focused on creating a community of Love and Healing!

We hope you will join us in person and receive a healing and information about energy and healing. We will be doing a free group healing at the event and offering personal healings at half price.

In the Service of Love and Light!
Patricia Morris Cardona, APRN, BC

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