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The Cosmic Mysteries School offers Mystery School classes, trips, teachings, spiritual events, sacred ceremony at sacred sites, and meditation with sacred geometry and pyramids in different countries to help students learn how to shift their energy vibration to a higher dimension.

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We are dedicated to educating the public and preserving the teachings and traditions of the Ancient and Modern Wisdom Teachers. Have questions? Please email us at or call 859-749-7146! We would love to talk to you!

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Mexico – Discover the Mysteries of Lemuria & Atlantis in the Ancient Olmec-Maya World

This beautiful sacred journey was created by The Cosmic Mysteries School, Cesar Mena (Hunbatz Men’s son) and Miguel Angel Vergara.  Miguel is a master teacher of Mayan astronomy, philosophy, calendar, Mayan glyphs & symbols, medicine, cosmovision, traditions, prayers, healing, ceremony and sexual alchemy.

Yucatan, Mexico

February 14 - 22, 2020


Age: 18+

Postponed Date TBD

Peru – Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries Schools of the Andes

This sacred journey was designed by The Cosmic Mysteries School and Elder Willaru Huayta to offer its students the greatest opportunity to directly experience the ancient, multi-dimensional world of the Inca and its sacred vibration frequencies.

Cusco, Peru

Postponed Date TBD


Age: 18+

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Weekend Seminar – Ascension Activation with William & Clare Henry

As spiritual beings, our quest is to raise ourselves and humanity to a higher power, that is I am+. Limitless. Transcendent. Beings of pure light and pure love who transform our world. Around the world people are awakening to the reality of astounding new possibilities for our personal evolution.

Cosmic Mystery School, USA

May 2 & 3, 2021: 9am-5pm


Age: 18+

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