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The Sound of Sage Mountain

Ceremony and Meditation at the Montana Megaliths

This past summer, the Cosmic Mysteries School co-founders Patricia Morris Cardona and Dr. Daniel Cardona traveled with students to the Montana Megaliths – large boulders that date from 72,000 years ago! Through guided ceremony and meditation, Patricia, Dan and the students connected with the Ancient Beings that created the Megaliths as demonstrated in this video.

 Past Sacred Journeys Continued


The Cosmic Mysteries School and students take a trip to Mexico almost every year! These sacred journeys are designed by The Cosmic Mysteries School, Cesar Mena, and Elder Miguel Vergara Angel to offer students the greatest opportunity to directly experience the ancient multi-dimensional world of the Maya and its sacred vibrational frequencies.  We have chosen sacred sites that will offer the greatest opportunity to connect with the ancient Maya and experience their energy and frequency directly in our ceremonies and meditations.


Peru is an amazing country filled with wonderful people, delicious foods, and incredible natural sites, including Machu Picchu. While journeying in Peru the Cosmic Mysteries School and students are often joined by Peruvian Elder Willaru Hyuata, and treated to sacred knowledge from him while visiting such ancient and powerful places as Machu Picchu, Saqsaywaman, Ollantaytambo, Lake Titicaca, and the Floating Islands.


One of our favorite places to explore the ancient sites and teachings is in Egypt. We’ve journeyed on the Nile, visiting many sacred sites that have been resurrected or have stood the test of time to continue sharing their teachings with us today.


Scotland is a land of great mythical beauty that still holds ancient energies waiting to be discovered. From Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye we love exploring as much of this country as we can and are frequently rewarded with an array of beautiful rainbows on our journeys.


From the legends of King Arthur to the fantasies of the Hobbit and Harry Potter, this small country has inspired stories of adventure, wonder, and magic. With its collection of mysterious stone circles, awe-inspiring caves, enchanting forests, misty moors, craggy coast lines and ancient churches, England is a land rich in inspiring landscapes and folklore.


Ireland is an incredible land filled with the Ancient Celtic energies. A land where the Celtic concept of thin places – surreal physical spaces where heaven and earth seem to touch – still feels very real. It is as if the visitor witnesses or even experiences an ancient reality, in just a passing moment.



The Cosmic Mysteries School and students joined our hands and hearts to explore sacred knowledge in this deep exploration of the mysteries of Mary Magdalena, Carnac, Broceliande Forest, and other sacred places.

Interested in journeying with us to one of these places? Let us know!

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