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During his more than two decades as a medical doctor and nearly 20 years as a martial arts student, Dr. Daniel J. Cardona, has been blessed to have learned with different Master Teachers who were willing to share a few of their health and wellness secrets.The Ninja Energy Secrets Program is full of easy to understand and easy to apply techniques for raising your mind, body, and spirit to a knew level. When you are able to feel, absorb, and use the Universal Life Energy that modern science has proven exists within and in the “empty space” between atoms and molecules, your own energy circuits will become healthier and stronger.

Jungle Cat Flexibility

Tigers, jaguars, panthers and other jungle cats are a supreme example of power and speed in motion due to their relaxed flexibility of motion.  Dr. Daniel J. Cardona has compiled these flexibility secrets in to a book and DVD set called Jungle Cat Flexibility.  The Jungle Cat Flexibility program revitalizes your muscles and tendons using ancient and powerful exercises that are not only easy and fun to do, they also take as little as 10 minutes a day!

Super Immunity Chi Kung

This DVD program teaches you a variation on a simple set of Chi Kung movements called Super Immunity Chi Kung. These simple but powerful exercises can be done in as little as 5 minutes, twice a day. Super Immunity Chi Kung contains ancient variations of exercises that have been passed down from generation to generation among the Great Ninja Masters. Their purpose is to increase the body’s vital energies to hold back and reverse disease.  These powerful exercises do not require great physical strength, and in fact, the more relaxed you are while you do them, the better!

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